“Electricity, mademoiselle, is, as you are aware, the wonder of our age.  No end can be foreseen to the marvels it is capable of accomplishing.  But one of the most important branches of this great science is ignorantly derided just now by the larger portion of society – I mean that use of human electricity. […] This power is in every one of us, only we do not cultivate it, because our education is yet so imperfect.”  
-Cellini A Romance of Two Worlds
by Marie Corelli

This blog explores the intersections between everyday  human  experience and the written word.  Human electricity is the coming  together of experience and f(r)iction. The title was inspired by Marie Corelli’s electric creed in her novel A Romance of Two Worlds.

I am a professor of English literature specializing in the Victorian novel and gender/sexuality studies.  “Human Electricity” gives me a space where I can explore topics within and outside my specialty.  Generally, I get sucked in to one topic and read texts that can help me to get a grip on that topic.

Thanks for joining me.


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